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"The king can do no wrong, and hence his word is law. "And now, by right of my selection to the throne, I will assume the crown, and lifting up the sceptre give commandthat all shall rise and swear allegiance to my rule, by join-ing me in liquid from the still. Itworried him so much that it disturbed his sleep, andhence one night he had a dream.

He dreamed that anangel appeared to him, and claiming to be his good genius,gave him a ring which he should place upon the first fingerof his right hand, and assured him that so long as that ringwas on the finger he need have no fear of his wif's un-faithfulness.

At length the foremancomplained to the boss, who was at once boiling over withwrath. Damned old house ain't plumb." The King ̶ ̶ I was not aware that Mr. Sleeves had been rolledup, stockings rolled down, bosoms and interesting placesfreely exposed.

Marching into the workshop he planted himself inthe middle of the room and fairly shouted silence. Groom ̶ ̶ Opening the door on a crack and shoving outanother . Just married this morning,but if I'd known she was so rank I'd have opened her upin the country. Nearly everyone had had something toshow, and in a majority of cases a fruit or vegetable wassupposed to be represented. "The penance on you is thatyou eat a peck of oats." "Sure, your reverence," says Pat, "I'm not a horse." "No," says the priest.

Man is be-ginning more consistently to recognize the economy ofnature ̶ ̶ the living, moving, evoluting, materialism of theearth and all thereon and therein.

As a natural consequencethere were frequent longings for the excitement of thefight. They may shine at a party or ball, Emblazoned with half they possess; But give me in place of them all My girl with the calico dress. Theclerk again repeats his question, "don't you want a bridalchamber? He looked around for the catchall,but found it not. This book is incomplete because the copy we were working from had 2 leafs removed (4 pages). Bird as presiding officer the club struck the bull's eyeof fitness.If you would like to verify the text below, please download a PDF of the scanned pages. At the first regular session of the Chestnut Club, or Chicago, Mr. He was a man of broad views and correspond-ing physique, was well read, much traveled, full fed andballasted in both pocket and brain; had studied for theministry, and as he expressed it, narrowly escaped thespoiling of a first-class drummer through the lefthandedbias of the gospels; was posted in parliamentary rules; apolished gentleman, and as serene in temper as the pro-verbial pig in clover.Even as there can be no retro-grade without progression, so there can be no onwardmarch without some backward trend. "It is because of this need that we, the busy, bustlingdrummers of the great Northwest are met on this occasion. Gentlemen, itis the law of this club that when a member is called uponfor story, joke or song, he shall at once respond, or pay a round of drinks. Smith ̶ ̶ The king and gentlemen of the club: Theoldest and mustiest chestnut that occurs to me at this time,is the well worn story of the man who was so inordinatelyjealous of his pretty little wife.Man need to see,to feel, to touch the wrong before he learns to know theright. We feel this need ̶ ̶ this bent of man to turn our faces fromthe dusty way that leads to cent per cent, and here in songand toast and story and the joke,. "It is because we recognize the universal and funda-mental law of procreation that we do not bar the dooragainst the tough and mouldy yarn. In case he does his tale unfold, it mustbe an old chestnut, or the penalty applies. So haunted was he withfear that she might be untrue to him; that night and dayhe ceased not to toss the subject about in his mind.

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Out of the past one universal law has proven itself as the funda-mental law of the universe, and the law is reproduction. "The best brains of the centuries past and of to-dayhave paid tribute to this universal law and have outragedthe ruling religious powers by their wantonness in act andrecord.

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